Dancing Trinket: The All White Project was foundationally inspired by Rai Kawakubo’s collection, “Comme des Garçons (Dress Meets Body),” nicknamed “Lumps n’ Bumps,” in which fabric was stuffed with lumpen filler to create a new, revolutionary silhouette. In making this garment out of all-white material, the focuses of the garment – its exaggerated silhouette and movement – are at the forefront.

This work was strongly influenced by dresses worn by Ginger Rogers, an American dancer who was popular in the 1930s. The ebbs and flows of her garments as she danced were replicated in Dancing Trinket through varying pleats and thickness of fusible.

In addition to this, Dancing Trinket was created with one overarching question in mind: Would Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games buy this outfit? This idea was primarily explored in the runway-like layering of the pleats and subtle richness in the pearl/gold beading.


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