Doodle time (oct16,2017) 

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I haven’t posted my artwork in so long because I haven’t drawn in so long! And my in class art piece looks bad atm bc it’s still in its baby years ;; anywho, it’s SATURDAY! Which means I had time to draw! BLESS! So I went on Pinterest as I’m starting to do often now and searched “sketchbook” and got a bunch of pages of peoples sketch book. So, this was something that was on a page… little tiny people.. covered in color *-* this was so fun and I’m definitely doing it again soon. This was done with #watercolors and @sakuraofamerica ‘s sorta new 003 micron which I now LOVE. Anywho, enjoy~ #micron #microns #micronpen #micronpens #color #watercolor #watercolour #watercolours #colour #paint #painting #paints #pens #sakura #sakurapens #sakuramicrons #sakuraislife #micronsarelife #inktober #003 #003micron

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